December 1, 2015

Strengthen Skills This Holiday Season

School breaks are an exciting time for students. Whereas some students end on a high note, others barely survive the semester. The good news: holiday breaks offer low-stakes opportunities to strengthen weak areas and prepare for upcoming challenges.

Begin with open dialogue.

To make the most of holiday breaks, begin with open dialogue. Parents find success when they leverage educator knowledge and experience toward improved student achievement. Likewise, educators reap the benefits of sharing performance evaluations and expectations with parents.

Talking Points for Educators and Parents:
  1. Next semester's big ideas: How will the curriculum unfold in coming months? What are key skills and background knowledge needed to be successful? 
  2. Current semester's challenges: What do progress reports tell us about gaps in knowledge and abilities? How are next semester's learning goals linked to current learning deficits?
  3. Behaviors impacting learning: To a high degree of certainty, behavior effects learners' ability to receive and process information; it also influences assessment results. Take time to explore the how, why, and what that link academic performance and behavior.
  4. Execute a data-driven plan: After gathering information about performance, discuss expectations with learners. Allow them to respond to concerns about academics and behavior; develop a deeper understanding of the challenges your child experiences.
    Don't Practice Until You Get It Right. Practice Until You Can't Get It Wrong.

    Using classroom data to develop and execute a learning plan during school breaks may be a challenge. Jackson Education Support offers customized lessons and assessments based on performance data. When school is out, learning should continue.

    Let us help identify solutions that extend learning during the holiday season. Complete the service form or call 1.601.724.2152 to schedule your free consultation.