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Hi, guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. 

I'm Jillian Smart, founder and blogger for The JE 411. My story didn't exactly begin with blogging...

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I found myself in business and writing my first book shortly after entering the high school classroom as a secondary science teacher. I'd discovered a passion for teaching and strong desire to identify and help people fill gaps in learning. I aim for two outcomes: that clients increase confidence and improve performance.

Jackson Education Support serves as the vessel for this work. My mission is to develop more independent learners. I get to help clients transition into more challenging environments and create resources that reach stakeholders from all over the world.

I've helped homeschool students pass GED exams, adults improve ACT scores, educators pass the PRAXIS exam, preschoolers become kindergarten ready, and K-12 students catch up and stay ahead academically. I've also trained educators and parents on strategies for helping students. My clients have stretched me. I've learned a lot, and this is only the beginning.

My 96% success rate among exam prep and private tutoring clients evidences efficacy; implementing personalized services and supporting engagement efforts works. This blog serves as a sort of portfolio of what I think instruction and learning should look like based on experiences with learners of all ages.

The hope is that, by experiencing what's worked (and not worked) for me, you will share and use the strategies and approaches that fit your unique circumstances... and keep the conversations going in your community.

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I launched The JE 411 to prompt meaningful conversations among educators, learners and their families about hot topics in education. Since I enjoy reading and learning about hot topics in education, it seemed appropriate to merge this passion with my tendency to have an opinion about almost everything.

Other opinions are safe here as well. I'd love to read what you have to say. Guest blogging is a great way to get your feet wet or get your existing brand in front of a new audience, so clap back by sending your submission today!